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The Bucket Test


Use this simple at home test to determine if your pool has a leak.  All you need to diagnose your pools condition is a bucket and a marker.

Step 1 :

Make sure your pool is at its normal level.

Step 2 :

Fill up a bucket with water and place it on the first step of your pool, then turn off your pool's pump.

Step 3 :

Use a marker to draw a line denoting the water level on outside of your bucket.

Step 4 :

Turn your pool's pump system back on.

Step 5 :

Wait 24 hours and then remark the water level on the outside of your bucket.

Step 6 :

Remove your bucket from the pool and measure the difference between your two marks.

Conclusion :

Upon measurement of your marks, if you find that there is a difference greater than 1/8 of an inch between your marks, we highly reccomend a professional leak detection.

* Please note that your bucket test will not "hold water" if it rains during your 24 testing period

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